Kindergarten in Huntington Beach, CA

With our smaller class size and a twelve to one max student to teacher ratio, our dedicated staff is able to provide not only an accelerated curriculum for our students, but also more individualized instruction that benefits students who need additional help and support in an academic skill.

Our absolute commitment to daily experiences in music, art, foreign languages, and physical education, including yoga, distinguishes us from other schools, including other private schools. The indispensability of these learning opportunities is central to our educational philosophy of developing the whole child. It is our sincere belief that, along with highly responsive instructional practices in core academic subjects, cultural growth begets social and inner growth, and brings out the absolute best in each student.

Our Kindergarten enrollment guidelines do not restrict students from entering and starting Kindergarten based purely on their birth date. Rather than rely on the state cut-off date for enrollment, we factor in the child’s emotional readiness, academic ability, stamina, as well as other aspects.

Carden Conservatory Kindergarten

At Carden Conservatory, we consider nothing more important than to help each child learn and grow at their best pace. As such, we have constructed our kindergarten program with the aim of benefiting all of our students. Our small kindergarten classes allow each instructor to focus closely on meeting every student’s individual needs, while also offering more advanced curriculum, which will put every student at the head of the curve as they progress through school. Our current class sizes average at about 12 students for every teacher, a setup that certifies your child will receive the best possible guidance.

About Our Curriculum

When you choose Carden Conservatory’s kindergarten in Huntington Beach, CA, you guarantee your child will be exposed to a wide and varied curriculum, filled with all of the skill-sets necessary to help guide their development thoroughly. We offer instruction in physical education, music, foreign languages, and art on a daily basis. We believe a child’s development is not just cognitive, but also social, creative, physical and more. Our commitment to helping our kindergarteners develop on a broad scale is what sets us apart as the best kindergarten in the Huntington Beach, CA area.


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Consonant names and sounds


Two vowel rule

Vowel alone sounds

Selected “sight” words (i.e.: the, of, to, do, who, I, a)

Long and short vowel sounds

Word families such as: at and ing


I See


The Red Book


Printing upper and lower case alphabet

Weekly spelling lessons of five words starting in January

Dictated stories of three to five sentences


Singular vs. plural

Vocabulary development

Introduction to noun/verb agreement

Introduction of the who/doing sentence

Capitals and punctuation


Johnny Crow’s New Garden

April’s Kittens

The Little Engine That Could

Selected poems from Robert Louis Stevenson

Over in the Meadow


Play With Me


Printing numbers 1 – 100

Spelling numbers one to ten

Number line 1 – 9


Adding one to sums of 1 – 9

Adding two to sums of 2 – 9

Adding three to sums of 3-9


Subtracting one with remainders of 0 – 8

Subtracting two with remainders of 0 – 7

Measuring whole inches with a ruler

Sorting and categorizing data

Counting and identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters

Telling time to the whole hour and half hour

Identifying less/more, greater/smaller


Simple graphs

Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s

Recognizing and continuing patterns


Life Science:




Physical Science:




Earth Sciences:

Conservation of Earth’s resources

Characteristics of landforms

Social Studies

Famous Americans

US symbols and national holidays


Months of the year

Days of the week

Life long ago vs. my community today


a+                    e+                    i+                     o+                    u+



(a)                    (e)                    (i)                     (o)                    (u)