Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Curriculum

With our smaller class size and a twelve to one max student to teacher ratio, our dedicated staff is able to provide not only an accelerated curriculum for our students, but also more individualized instruction that benefits students who need additional help and support in an academic skill.

Our absolute commitment to daily experiences in music, art, foreign languages, and physical education, including yoga, distinguishes us from other schools, including other private schools. The indispensability of these learning opportunities is central to our educational philosophy of developing the whole child. It is our sincere belief that, along with highly responsive instructional practices in core academic subjects, cultural growth begets social and inner growth, and brings out the absolute best in each student.

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Seventh Grade Curriculum


  • Exponents
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Mastery of Statistics and Probability
  • Mastery of Solving Problems with Expressions and Equations
  • Operations with Exponents


  • The Writing Process
  • Sentence, Paragraph, and Composition Structure and Style
  • Autobiographical Writing
  • Short Story Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • How-To Essays
  • Research Reports
  • Response to Literature
  • Writing for Assessment

Grammar, Usage and Mechanics

  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections
  • Basic Sentence Parts
  • Phrases
  • Clauses
  • Making Words Agree
  • Using Modifiers
  • Punctuation Capitalization

Academic and Workplace Skills

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Viewing
  • Representing
  • Vocabulary and Spelling
  • Reading Skills
  • Study, Reference, and Test-Taking Skills


  • Treasure Island
  • The Last of the Mohicans
  • The Story of Aeneid
  • 1984

Carden Spelling and Vocabulary

  • 48 Spelling words per week
  • Spelling worksheets taken from the Carden Spelling Book 7
  • 10 Vocabulary words per week


  • Rome and Byzantium
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Byzantine Empire
  • Islamic Civilization
    • Islam
    • The Islamic World
  • Civilizations in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • The Rise of West African Empires
    • West African Civilization
  • Civilizations in the Americas
  • The Mayas
  • The Incas
  • The Aztecs
  • Civilizations in East Asia
    • China’s Golden Age
    • China Under the Mongols and the Ming
    • The Rise of Japan
    • Japan’s Golden Age
  • Europe in the Middle Ages
  • A New Civilization in Europe
  • Medieval Conflicts and Crusades
  • A Changing Medieval World
  • Early Modern Europe
  • The Renaissance
  • The Reformation
  • The Age of Exploration
  • Revolutions in Thought


  • Five Themes of Geography
  • Political Geography of Entire World


  • Biology
  • Moera, Protists, Fungi
  • Five Kingdoms of Life
  • Cells and Cell Theory
  • Heredity, Genetics and Evolution
  • Human Body, Body Systems and Dissection
  • The Scientific Method